Skepticism about Philosophy in Late Classical India

7 March 2019 (Thu), 8-10PM
At Classroom 18

Bras Basah Open: School of Theory & Philosophy is teaming up with Yale-NUS Philosophy for a discussion on late Classical Indian Philosophy. This is our second collaboration at Yale-NUS, where we did a seminar on Byung Chul Han’s Shanzhai last year. We will discuss Ethan Mills’ Three Pillars of Skepticism in Classical India: Nāgārjuna, Jayarāśi, and Śrī Harṣa (Rowman, 2018). Myself and Malcolm Keating (Asst. Prof, Yale-NUS Philosophy) will lead the discussion, we will be joined via teleconference by Ethan Mills (Asst. Prof, Uni of Tennessee at Chattanooga). More details on the event link here:

Credit for poster: Joe Han — with Ethan Mills.