Philosophy Café: The Art of Philosophical Writing

15 March 2017 (Wed), 4.30-6pm
At Cendana Student Commons

Jyl Gentzler will lead a practical workshop for students on writing in philosophy. As part of the workshop, she will lead students through a discussion of Peter Singer’s “Famine, Affluence, and Morality.” The discussion will focus on the piece as a work of writing and what it might show students about their own writing.

Dinner with Prof. Gentzler in the Cendana Dining Hall Private Room has been arranged for any students wishing to continue the conversation after the Philosophy Café.

Jyl Gentzler is William Kenan, Jr. Professor of Philosophy at Amherst College, Director of the Amherst College Writing Center, and Director of the Amherst Teaching and Learning Collaborative. (