• Philosophy Cafe: Be careful what you Like—data ...

    26 October 2017 (Thu) , 3 - 4:30 PM
    At Cendana Student Commons

    Always being connected has in many ways made our cognitive, practical, and social lives easier or more convenient. This might seem like a good thing. However, being connected also raises critical issues. We constantly leave behind trails of information: browsing and search histories, and logs of items viewed or purchased—just to give a few examp...

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  • Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Progr...

    6 October 2017 (Fri) , 3 - 5:00 PM
    At Yale-NUS Performance Hall

    Drawing upon years of scholarship on progressive Islam, Dr Duderija’s talk will provide an overview of the worldview underpinning progressive Islam, its approach to conceptualising and interpreting the Islamic tradition (turath) and its theology. The main part of Dr. Duderija ‘s talk will describe the normative imperatives of progressive I...

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  • From Matters of Faith to Matters of Fact: The P...

    15 September 2017 (Fri) , 4:30-6:30pm
    At Yale-NUS Classroom 15

    Dr. Lancaster’s paper explores the problem of “priestcraft” and the shifting philosophical responses it elicited in England before and after the publication of Locke’s Essay in 1690. The “problem of priestcraft” boils down to the following question: if the custodians of God’s tabernacle are corrupt, how can one know whether the contents of the t...

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  • Philosophy Café: The Meaning of Life

    13 September 2017 (Wed) , 4-5:30pm
    At Cendana Student Commons

    What really matters in our life? Wealth, pleasure, relationship, or other things? And why do they matter? We seek for meanings in life, in the actions we perform, the decisions we make, and we constantly question ourselves. The answers are no easy. Professor Neil Mehta invites all to think through these questions in the upcoming Philosophy...

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  • Philosophy Café: Mini Ethics Bowl

    30 August 2017 (Wed) , 4:30-6 pm
    At Cendana Student Commons

    Ever wondered about ethical dilemmas in your life? Should you turn your parent in if they violate laws? Is it moral to use animals for experimentation? Ethical questions are everywhere in our life. Originated from the United States, the Ethics Bowl is an activity that combines competitive tournament with thought provoking thinking on ethical qua...

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  • Politics Talk: Trump, Brexit, and the Crisis of...

    24 March 2017 (Fri) , 3:00 - 4:30 PM
    At Classroom 16 (below the library)

    In this talk, Prof. Eisler will link Trump and Brexit to “long-lasting structural trends that pose a fundamental challenge to democratic self-rule.” Specifically, diminishing access to economic opportunities and erosion of a homogenous national identity pose deep and persistent difficulties for democracies.

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  • Philosophy Talk: Classical Confucian Thought

    23 March 2017 (Thu) , 6:30 PM
    At Cendana Rector's Commons (Tower A, Floor 26)

    Confucian political thought is sometimes understood to focus primarily on inculcating virtue in its subjects. Against this, Prof. El Amine will argue Confucian political thought should be interpreted through “the lens of order,” rather than virtue. Her recent book, Classical Confucian Thought: A New Interpretation argues that Confuci...

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  • Philosophy Café: The Art of Philosophical Writing

    15 March 2017 (Wed) , 4.30-6pm
    At Cendana Student Commons

    Jyl Gentzler will lead a practical workshop for students on writing in philosophy. As part of the workshop, she will lead students through a discussion of Peter Singer’s “Famine, Affluence, and Morality.” The discussion will focus on the piece as a work of writing and what it might show students about their own writing. Dinner...

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  • Philosophy Major Café: Why Major in Philosophy?

    8 March 2017 (Wed) , 4.30-6pm
    At Cendana Student Commons

    Come and hear some of the philosophy faculty share stories about what motivated them to choose philosophy as their major. The Dollars and Sense Behind Majoring in Philosophy “What I’m finding lacking is getting people who can problem-solve. Critical thinking, as well as being able to communicate, is the most important thing we’re looking for.” ...

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  • Philosophy Talk: A Theory of Injustice in Globa...

    7 March 2017 (Tue) , 6:30 - 8:00 PM
    At Saga Lecture Theater

    Professor Sarah Goff discusses the different kinds of injustice at play in global supply chains. These supply chains are an increasingly important form of trade in the global economy. In some of these supply chains, goods are produced using slave labor (where ‘slave labor’ means that workers are subject to violence preventing exit, s...

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